I was watching a movie recently showing a teacher, explaining to her young students the notion of “don’t talk to strangers”.

It got me thinking how we (well most of us) in sales do the complete opposite every day, we talk to strangers!  In this economy, we should not only be trying to retain our existing clients but rather we should be driving new business which is crucial to your success and ultimately your business’ success, and it all starts with contacting a stranger!

There are numerous options available, advertising, direct marketing, email, LinkedIn, Facebook (I have reservations for B2B sales) and others. Yet I still believe that the most valuable and often most underused sales tool still remains………the telephone!

So my challenge to you this month is to make the telephone your friend. The amount of time you spend on it talking to strangers will equal the number of appointments you make for new business opportunities. Increase your calling, increase your sales!

In quoting the Nike Logo “Just do it!”

Have a fantastic October,

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