LinkedIn has become one of the biggest additional channels for sales teams to prospect, build relationships and sell.

The problem is many people struggle with utilising LinkedIn as a sales tool and don’t know how to harness its enormous potential.

From sending sales messages that end up in spam to not sharing the right value content, salespeople are missing out on business and the wrong messaging can have a negative impact on existing and future customers.

The reality is in 2024 and beyond, decision makers all over the world are using LinkedIn on a regular basis and the question you need to ask is will they engage with your company and sales team, or your competitors?



Daniel Disney is known around the world as the KING of LinkedIn and social selling.

With a growing audience of over 1-MILLION followers, content reaching over 150-MILLION people every year and generating sales of over $25-MILLION from LinkedIn & Social Selling!

With a track record of empowering companies and sales professionals worldwide, Daniel’s expertise in leveraging LinkedIn for business success is unparalleled.

Daniel has spoken at many of the biggest conferences around the world with amazing reviews. His training has helped numerous companies including Amazon, Salesforce, Microsoft, Volkswagen, Canon and many more generate FANTASTIC results.



Masterclass 1 – Generate HUGE results on LinkedIn
in just 15-minutes each day

In this session, Daniel Disney will show you how to generate HUGE results on LinkedIn in just 15-minutes each day. You’ll learn the 3 KEY activities that will unlock more leads, sales and revenue for 2024 and beyond. Not only will you learn the 3 key activities, but Daniel will give you precise tactics to apply them straight away.

You’ll learn:

• Daniel Disney’s famous 15 minute LinkedIn selling system
• 3 KEY activities that will unlock more leads, sales and revenue
• The biggest trick to driving consistency
• Top tactics for 2024 to get maximum results
• How to track and measure REAL success with LinkedIn
• And much more

Masterclass 2 – ADVANCED LinkedIn &
Social Selling Secrets

Want to know how the very best generate an ongoing stream of sales from LinkedIn?
Want to find out the secrets to going viral and generating constant inbound leads?
In this session, Daniel Disney will share the BIGGEST LinkedIn secrets to help you generate the BIGGEST results.

You’ll learn:

• The LinkedIn message template that generated a £1-MILLION sale
• How to go VIRAL on LinkedIn
• How to become an industry thought leader on LinkedIn
• How to generate consistent HIGH QUALITY inbound leads
• And much more



Unlocking Prospecting Gold:
Getting in front of more people, more often

Mark brings decades of sales expertise to the stage, focusing on the critical importance of prospecting in driving new business. With a wealth of experience and success stories under his belt, Mark’s insights promise to revolutionise your approach to sales prospecting and set your team on the path to unparalleled success.



The Vital Importance of Prospecting:

Understand why prospecting is the lifeblood of any successful sales operation, and the critical role it plays in driving new business growth.

Unlocking the Potential of Salespeople:

Many salespeople remain the best-kept secret in their industry due to a lack of competence and confidence in prospecting. Mark will delve into the key skills and mindset shifts needed to excel in this crucial area.

Prospecting as a Top Priority Skill:

Highlighting prospecting as one of the most important skills for any salesperson to master, Mark will provide actionable strategies for enhancing competence and confidence in prospecting efforts.

What you will learn:

• Success Stories: Discover a real-world example of how strategic prospecting efforts propelled a company from obscurity to market leader in record time.

• The Cost of Missed Opportunities: Understand the consequences of neglecting prospecting activities, as every missed prospect represents a lost sales opportunity.

• Sales Targeting Strategies: Explore the importance of targeting the right prospects and channels for maximum impact, ensuring your efforts yield results.

• Prospecting Tools of Superstars: Dive into the arsenal of sales prospecting tools used by top performers, including phone, email and referrals, with simple ideas on how to leverage them effectively.

• Top Performer Story: Hear the inspiring tale of a 22-year-old who rose to become the top performer among a national sales team of 11,000.

• The Secret to Consistency: Discover proven techniques for sticking to daily prospecting activities, ensuring a steady stream of new opportunities and sustained sales success.


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