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Maximising Account Growth

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    SalesGuru - Maximising Account Growth

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Maximising Account Growth:

Why is account management so important? In today’s competitive sales environment, your competitors are speaking with your customers and they are looking to create reasons why they should move their business. In many cases, your competition does not need to create this need; unfortunately, more often than not you are doing this for them!

Many companies spend the majority of their time, efforts and revenue in acquiring new business, but very few have an effective “game plan” for their Account Managers on what to do once these customers have been acquired, to ensure value and retain and grow these accounts.

Our experience has shown that there are several non-negotiable disciplines that are required to ensure ongoing value for you and your customers. The ability of Account Managers to understand, implement and measure these disciplines, is critical to achieving ongoing Account Management success.

What the course will cover

The development of an individual customer game plan that will include:

Who should attend this course?

Sales people and Account Managers who are tasked with maintaining and developing business through existing customers.


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