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Sales management Courses

Train ONE sales person and you’ve improved only ONE sales person… Train ONE Sales Manager and you’ve improved an ENTIRE TEAM.

Do you want to build better sales people with us? Let us help you to…

The number one challenge that we have seen and continue to see, is that of a well led and functioning sales team, aligned with a defined sales process and structure that works. Everyone wants to sell more and nobody wants to fail, yet all too often we see the sales “symptoms” being treated (such as poor closing) and not the real cause (a defined understanding of what it takes to succeed in Sales and Sales Management) and then doing it.

With this in mind and our mission to uplift sales as a professional profession, SALESGURU developed a Sales Management training program that is transforming the success of sales teams in South Africa.We are against purely academic training offerings for the sales market. Rather we believe in a blend of real world theory, mixed strongly with activities and role-plays to anchor the key learning objectives.

Our research shows that the majority of all sales training is initially targeted at salespeople, not Sales Managers. We believe, whenever possible that companies should always start with the Sales Manager. Train ONE salesperson and you’ve improved only ONE salesperson… Train ONE Sales Manager and you’ve improved their ENTIRE TEAM.

Successful sales management is a skill that when practiced correctly, becomes an art.


SALESGURU trainers are experts in their field and deliver the training in a fun engaging manner that promotes active participation through role-plays and constructive discussion. This is not another “Death by PowerPoint” presentation, our trainers are dynamic and present with loads of energy, they present in a way that allows for maximum buy in from the delegates, which ultimately ensures the implementation of the skills learnt.

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