SA's most supported sales motivation seminars over the last 14 years

2nd February ’24

Cape Town – The Barnyard Theatre

7th February ’24

KZN – The Gateway Hotel Umhlanga

9th February ’24

Johannesburg – The Canvas Riversands

3 hours, 2 incredible speakers


Everything you need to increase your sales!

SalesGuru has for the past 14 years, three times a year, brought the largest supported Sales Live (in person and virtual) events to South Africa and several other countries.


Breaking news – we are coming back to KZN

We are excited to share that the SalesGuru Live events will return to our loyal KwaZulu-Natal patrons in February 2024. It will form part of the annual trilogy of events coming to Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban in February.


February 2024

Join SalesGuru CEO Mark Keating and top achieving business owner and author of the book ThoughtonomyGrant Gavin to kick off the year with vigour and set your team up for sales success in 2024. The 3-hour SalesGuru event is designed to inspire and excite your sales team with real world ideas, advice and sales motivation. This is for anyone who sells anything, regardless of company size, industry, job title, age or experience. The two key areas we will focus on are Upgrading Your Sales Language for Increased Results and Empowering Sales Excellence Through Thoughtonomy.

Speaker 2: Grant Gavin

Keynote 2 :

Empowering Sales Excellence Through Thoughtonomy


Grant Gavin is a name synonymous with success in the world of real estate and sales leadership. As the owner of RE/MAX Panache, the No. 1 RE/MAX Office in South Africa, he heads a team of 65 dedicated sales professionals, with the highest levels of productivity per salesperson in the country. Grant has been awarded the prestigious title of National Franchisee of the Year for RE/MAX an impressive four times and is regarded as a leader in the real estate industry.


Grant is also an international speaker and coach for salespeople and business owners. He currently coaches some of the most accomplished real estate professionals in South Africa as well as business owners from other industries, sharing his invaluable insights and strategies for success.


In his keynote on Thoughtonomy, Grant will help you recognise how your own thoughts and behaviours may be unseen barriers to your success.

Keynote talk: “Thoughtonomy,” To help salespeople recognize how their own thoughts and behaviours may be acting as unseen barriers to their success.


Grant will show you:

  • How your thoughts and limiting beliefs are currently holding you back from achieving the sales outcomes you desire.
  • The reasons salespeople deviate from their sales blueprint in search of comfort and what you can do to stay on track.
  • 4 simple, easy to follow steps to reclaim power over your thoughts so that you can break through your current ceiling of success.
  • How to start achieving the sales goals you set for yourself and the business.
  • How to dramatically increase your level of productivity.
  • How to unlock your full potential in sales and business.
  • And much more

Speaker 1:Mark Keating

Keynote 1: 

“From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Upgrading Your Sales Language for increased results”


In the world of sales, the power of words cannot be underestimated. The choice of words can be the key to winning over prospects and closing deals. Your success in sales often hinges on your ability to articulate precisely what needs to be said and when it should be said.


Observe a seasoned sales professional in action, and you’ll witness the art of making sales seem effortless. They possess a knack for selecting the right words, posing the perfect questions and tailoring their communication to suit any selling scenario. It’s not about having the gift of the gab, but rather a learnt skill in using the right language that transforms a sales pitch into a meaningful dialogue.


Join us for Mark’s enlightening keynote presentation where he shows how and why your choice of words and written communication in sales engagements can have a monumental impact on your outcomes. Mark will share compelling examples of how refining your language and sales vocabulary can substantively boost your sales results.


If you’re seeking to schedule more meetings, alleviate the discomfort of sales pitches, unearth new sales opportunities and ultimately close more deals, then this is a presentation you absolutely cannot afford to miss!


In this keynote, you’ll gain valuable insights on:

    • The profound influence of your words and written content on your sales outcomes.
    • Why most prospecting engagements fall short and which words to steer clear of.
    • Understanding that a ‘not interested’ response often indicates that what you are communicating is not interesting enough.
    • Identifying the words that captivate a prospect’s interest and encourage meetings.
    • Discovering how minor word adjustments have led to a remarkable 300% sales increase in various companies.
    • How to respond when faced with the ‘we don’t have budget’ objection.
    • Effective communication with gatekeepers.
    • The language to avoid in sales discovery meetings and suitable alternatives.
    • Questions that unveil buying motivations and value.
    • Questions that confirm urgency and facilitate precise sales forecasting.
    • Inquiries that open discussions about budgets.
    • Crafting responses to objections like ‘your price is too high’.
    • Closing techniques employed by sales champions.
    • Replacing commonplace phrases like ‘I’m following up’ and ‘touching base’.
    • And much more

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