Sales Coaching: Planning for sales success


Success in sales is a pursuit that demands more than wishful thinking. The old adage, ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’ holds true, perhaps even more so in the competitive world of sales. Achieving your sales goals requires a focused plan, unrelenting energy, sales coaching, dedicated efforts and the right activities. After all, life and sales don’t yield results based on mere aspirations; they reward the diligence and determination you bring to the table.

Your success in sales hinges on the direct proportionality of your efforts, and the choices you make about where and how to invest your time. Without a concrete plan, you may find yourself adrift, chasing vague dreams without any structured way to turn them into reality.

So, what’s the next step to increase your productivity and move closer to your sales goals? To answer that, let’s consider what every successful venture, be it business, a personal journey or even the construction of a building, begins with – a well-thought-out plan.

Planning is the linchpin of success. It serves as the foundation upon which your achievements are built. Without a detailed plan, your efforts may be scattered, and your results will reflect that lack of direction. The quality of your plan can significantly impact your ultimate success.

Consider other areas of life where planning is paramount. Consider the meticulous attention to detail that goes into planning a wedding. Couples and wedding planners leave no stone unturned to ensure that the event is both successful and memorable. The wedding industry has professionals dedicated to planning these life-changing moments.

Financial services also underscore the importance of planning. A proficient financial advisor starts by understanding the client’s financial goals and then crafts a customised financial plan that outlines the steps to achieve those objectives. Similarly, personal trainers don’t just design random workouts. They first grasp their clients’ desired outcomes and then create detailed exercise and nutrition plans. These plans, if followed diligently, lead to the clients achieving their fitness goals.

Let’s turn the spotlight back to the world of sales. It’s astonishing to see how meticulously people plan their vacations, with attention to detail and excitement at the forefront. Sales professionals must apply the same level of analysis and planning to their own sales success.

The reality for many salespeople is their daily plan is barely a plan at all. They often wake up because they have to (thanks to the alarm clock) rather than waking up with a clear, enthusiastic pursuit of their goals. Their morning routine becomes mechanical – shower, brush teeth, dress and follow a habitual route to work. They dive into the day in reactive mode, prioritising the least important tasks like emails, administrative work, social media, internal meetings and updating CRM software. They believe in the myth of multitasking, which, in reality, is a surefire way to get many things done poorly simultaneously.

Regrettably, the most vital task – filling the top of the sales funnel and progressing opportunities through the sales process – is left until the end of the day, often overlooked entirely. Sales professionals spend more time on ‘work’ and not enough on actual selling. They procrastinate, promising themselves that they’ll tackle it tomorrow. They’re aware of what needs to be done but lack the motivation or discipline to act upon it. Consequently, they conclude the day feeling exhausted and unaccomplished.

Nobody has ever received accolades for achieving only 60% of their sales target while excelling in administrative tasks. It’s all about the results in sales, and your success is often hidden beneath the tasks you’ve been avoiding.

This is where a well-structured sales plan comes into play. It’s your personal roadmap to success, allowing you to be proactive and concentrate on what matters most in achieving your targets and goals. A meticulously crafted and documented sales plan acts as the guiding map for your daily actions.

Preparing a comprehensive sales plan alleviates the challenge of figuring out what you should do every day, and it prevents you from falling into a reactive mindset. With a well-conceived sales plan, your mind and actions are naturally aligned with your sales objectives.

In conclusion, a clear personal sales game plan is the key to turning your aspirations into accomplishments. It provides the structure and discipline necessary to navigate the competitive landscape of sales successfully. If you adhere to your plan with unwavering discipline, you will experience a substantial increase in your sales productivity. Don’t leave your success to chance; create a strong sales plan and watch your sales soar.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” – Abraham Lincoln

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