Sales Coach Tips: The Lifeblood of Business Success


Sales, often perceived as the unsung hero or even the necessary evil in business, is in fact the powerhouse that fuels every industry. A sales coach and sales guru alike understand that without sales there is no business. Take a moment to look around you – your smartphone, the clothes you wear, the chair you sit in, the bed you lie on, the food you eat, the car you drive – virtually everything is a result of a sale. Despite this, sales sometimes receives a bad rap and can be viewed with scepticism by other departments within a company.

In the corporate narrative, when things go well, it’s often attributed to the company’s strategy, but when they don’t, sales may unfairly bear the brunt of criticism. Other departments might begrudge the attention sales receives, especially when it comes to incentives, trips and awards. While every department plays a vital role in offering, delivering and retaining customers, it’s crucial to acknowledge that without sales, there would be no other departments – no business at all. Sales stands as the lifeblood, the oxygen and the ultimate power source of every business.

Consider the income of every staff member, from the CEO to the receptionist – it all stems from the money customers pay. And where do customers come from? They come through sales. Sales isn’t just a department; it is the beating heart of the entire organisational structure. The responsibility and significance of a sales representative extend beyond just selling a product or service; they represent the essence of the company, what it offers in the market, and the potential for a better future for those who choose it.

Sales gurus proudly wear their sales badge, recognising that being a sales representative is one of the most crucial titles in any business. It’s not just about closing deals; it’s about creating value and helping others envision a better future by choosing the company’s offerings.

Fundamentally, sales is about being in the helping business. It is about helping others be better off on their wants, needs and objectives than where they currently are. Successful sales are not just transactions; they are transformative experiences where customers are led to a state of improved wellbeing.

In this context, your ability to assist others in being better off through your offerings becomes the power source of your own sales success. It’s not just about hitting quotas or closing deals; it’s about making a positive impact on the lives and businesses of your clients.

Every successful salesperson and sales coach, akin to a master sculptor, is self-made – shaped by the chisel strokes of dedication, honed skills and unwavering commitment to their craft. The artistry lies not only in the final sculpture or the achieved success, but in the deliberate and skilful choices made along the way.

The chiselling process represents the challenges, learning experiences and continuous improvement that each salesperson undergoes. The successful ones embrace this truth openly, acknowledging that their masterpiece is the result of their own efforts, resilience and passion for the art of sales.

Much like a sculptor carefully moulds their creation, a salesperson crafts their success through persistence, adaptability and a constant pursuit of excellence. The sculpture that emerges is a testament to the self-made journey undertaken by every individual in the realm of sales. In acknowledging this truth, successful salespeople not only showcase their achievements but also inspire others to embark on their unique sculpting journey in the world of sales.

As businesses evolve and markets change, sales remains a constant force driving growth and prosperity. So, the next time you find yourself in a conversation about the various departments contributing to a company’s success, remember that sales is not just a department – it’s the pulse that keeps the heart of business beating. Embrace the role of a sales representative with pride, for in your hands lies the power to shape the trajectory of both your sales career and the success of the entire business.

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