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The 4 biggest challenges facing sales

When training and coaching salespeople, I always highlight four key areas. If you’re lacking in one of these areas, you’re […]

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We cannot get away from the fact that management skills have had to be scrutinised even more than before since […]

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Month-end Motivation

Do you need a boost for your end of month sales? Go back to your basics – it may just […]

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Always keep learning!

IF YOU DON’T KEEP LEARNING, YOUR SALES CAREER WILL STAGNATE A sure sign that a salesperson wants to grow and […]

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The Changing Face of Sales

Virtual selling sucks! “I hear this all the time but the real truth is that too many salespeople have simply […]

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Do you suck at prospecting?

Mark Keating, CEO of SalesGuru cannot emphasise enough the importance of prospecting. The biggest problem, he believes, is that most […]

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