Month-end Motivation

April 29th, 2021

Do you need a boost for your end of month sales? Go back to your basics – it may just help you seal a deal.

  • Know your product and the solution it offers. Are you helping your clients to be better off than they currently are with what you’re offering?
  • Take the time to understand your client’s pain points. What problems are your clients experiencing? What are their biggest challenges or concerns right now? What do they expect from your product or service? Remember to listen rather than push a sale and use empathy to connect.
  • Follow up – as often as you need to. Don’t let a lack of response discourage you. Show the customer you care by following up and setting a clear date and next steps.
  • Understand the difference between rejection and objection. If the product or service is not right for the customer right now, they will reject the offer and that’s okay – it’s not personal. With practice, however, you can handle objections and turn rejections into sales. It boils down to product knowledge and preparing responses to all possible objections.
  • Be consistent and have integrity. Discipline, commitment and credibility go a long way in ensuring your success. If you understand your customer’s needs, respect them, and offer relevant solutions, you will gain their trust – which not only encourages their loyalty, but will also make them more likely to refer you to others. Lose the customer’s trust, however, and it’s a hard thing to earn back.
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