How to double your sales in 10 minutes!


Looking for a quick fix to your challenges?

Got your attention….good. I was looking through a magazine recently and was amazed at all the miracle “claims”. Lose weight and get a six-pack in 4 weeks, just strap on a tummy “massager” and let it do all the work for you!  Diet pills that help you lose over 10 kg’s in less than 3 weeks, no effort required.

It got me thinking that in 2016, more and more people are looking for a quick fix to resolve their challenges and get immediate results. I googled “get rich quick” and got 12,800,000 results! The UK chef, Jamie Oliver’s cook book “Jamie’s 30 minute meals” sold 735,000 copies in 10 weeks in 2010 to become the UK’s fastest selling non-fiction title of all time.

People are choosing book titles whose every nature implies less effort; think of “The one minute manager”,  “The 4 hour work-week” and many others with similar headings.

Now I understand that human nature is to look for the maximum return with minimal to no actual effort and in that lies one of the biggest causes of below average sales results. Simply put, what you put into your sales career is what you will get back from it. Your results in sales are a mirrored reflection of your daily efforts.

There is no magic pill, silver bullet or special wand that will double your sales in ten minutes, but I will give you a tip that if done consistently will lead to a dramatic increase in your sales, forever! Here it is…. if you want to double your sales double your efforts, DOUBLE! 2X=SALES SUCCESS

Double your positive attitude, your desire, your activity, your prospecting, the number of referrals you get, the amount of time you spend in front of new clients, and double the service you give. Double your commitment to your company, its products and services, after all they pay you to do your job.

Lastly double your commitment to using your real potential and becoming more of the sales star you were born to be.

Contact the SalesGuru team if you would like us to assist you with your sales training requirements and achieve the results you desire.

Yours in sales
Mark Keating

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