Billy Wilson

I genuinely love watching the development of people and seeing them achieve beyond their perceived glass ceiling.

Billy has been in business for 30 years, 10 of which as a business owner so the training he offers is pragmatic and immediately usable. His ideas and concepts come from a business perspective with a very strong sales edge and are applicable to everyday success. “I use the SALESGURU techniques myself in meetings with my own clients,” he says. He is a highly practical, high-energy trainer.

Billy started his career in the Accounting Chartered Institute of Company Secretaries and Administrators (Part Qual) which gave him huge insights into the financial mechanics of business. He started his career in training in 2010 in London, with a key focus on the telecoms sector, and was made Training Manager within two years.

Billy has trained around 8 000 delegates in five countries and many companies under the SALESGURU umbrella, including VW, McCarthy, FNB, Standard Bank, Nativa, Sage Pastel, Sir Fruit, Sasfin, Centurion Gate Motors, SABC, MWeb, Comair, and Thomson Reuters.

Loves: British football and is an amateur psychologist: “I love understanding why people do
things and what makes people successful.”

Favourite island: Maldives
Favourite cities: Paris and Prague
Favourite people: Glaswegians

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