Always keep learning!

April 14th, 2021


A sure sign that a salesperson wants to grow and achieve more is their level of commitment to learning. A good leader will encourage their salespeople to ask questions and improve their current level of knowledge. The salespeople who speak out about wanting to improve their skills are your gems – the more they learn, the more they will grow and the more likely they will be rewarded with success.

  • Often those who are “satisfied” with their way of doing things, don’t have the drive to change and though they might be successful today, they are more likely to fall behind in the future.
  • Those who express dissatisfaction with the status quo may have valid concerns and should be heard. Salespeople who raise concerns about the way things are, are not necessarily complaining, they often do so because they see opportunities for improvement. Address their concerns and give them the opportunity to help implement some of the changes they believe need to happen. You may be surprised at how they grow with that responsibility.
  • Sales is about innovating and anyone who wants to succeed will ask themselves at some point, “How can I influence this?” A sure sign of growth is the acceptance of personal responsibility for outcomes.
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