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About Us

About Us

We’re here to make your sales teams achieve their full potential

We don’t buy into all the talk that the economy, the marketplace or the competition is a good excuse for a lack of sales success. In fact, we don’t go in for excuses at all. Instead, we’ve created a number of products, services and systems to help your salespeople re-think their approach, their activities and their methods, to achieve real sales performance:

What we do is entirely based on real-world South African thinking, not generic international sales training which focuses on the symptom rather than the cause of limited sales results.

We’re Local and proud of it

We’re a home-grown concept, entirely locally developed nearly a decade ago, over which time we have worked with hundreds of South African companies, understanding their ways, their needs, their challenges and building our training and all of our products, predominantly on our unique understanding of the most pressing and most common ones we have observed.

We don’t strive to be complex or academic. We’re not trying to baffle anyone with fancy language. Our purpose is to make the building blocks, the hallmarks and the indispensable parts of sales success easily available to any salesperson who aims to improve.

Let us change your sales perspective

Call us. We’d love to show you how we can help you to strengthen your sales efforts today.

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