August 3rd, 2021

Where are you right now? Are you suffering from Covid-fatigue? Are you dealing with grief? Do you feel like your emotions are on a rollercoaster? Are you under pressure at work? Are you financially stressed? Every person reading this can probably tick one of those boxes. That’s just life at the moment. But how you respond to these stressors is what differentiates the victims from the victors. Are you a victim or a victor?


When life happens, victims….

  • Stay stuck
  • Don’t let go of the past
  • Don’t learn from the past
  • Take feedback as criticism
  • Feel all is personal
  • Blame others
  • Give away their power to make decisions or choose differently


Victors experiences the same challenges but they:

  • Have vision
  • Choose resilience in spite of the obstacles
  • Expect more from themselves and rise to the situation
  • Make decisions
  • Don’t stay stuck in a situation that cannot change
  • Exercise their decision making power around what’s in their control
  • Always find a way.


From today onwards, every morning when you wake up, ask yourself if you’re going to be a victor or a victim. Are you losing your way or are you going to find a way?









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