We cannot get away from the fact that management skills have had to be scrutinised even more than before since the pandemic kicked in. We are all facing a multitude of challenges on top of the usual work and personal stress we were accustomed to. “Some of the biggest challenges sales managers and leaders have shared with us is how to motivate teams working remotely, how to ensure staff remain 100% responsible and accountable, and how to manage with empathy while still keeping on top of targets and company expectations,” explains Venetia Butler, Director of Training at SalesGuru.

Being a leader comes with great responsibility, she says. “Not only are you accountable for the success of your team, but your team is also constantly reliant on you for feedback, advice and personal guidance. You create the culture and set the tone of accountability.”

 Right now, we all need to respond differently, starting with our own mental diet and outlook to serve a team demanding a different type of leadership. Modern managers are turning to a coaching style leadership: asking questions rather than issuing orders; engaging rather than simply delegating; speaking constructively as opposed to criticising; taking accountability by investing in themselves; learning the art of resilience and agility.

As you navigate this new management style, here are Venetia’s tips to pin to your board to help keep you on track. And don’t forget to be kind to yourself!

  1. Nobody’s perfect – but you can be authentic.
  2. Measure effectiveness not busy-ness.
  3. Value your people and add value to people you manage.
  4. Touch people through compassion and kindness.
  5. Constantly encourage so that your people feel seen, heard and valued
  6. Help others maximise their gifts. To do that you must understand and maximise your own first.
  7. Be intentional and turn your intention into action.
  8. Stay committed regardless of an outcome you cannot define.
  9. Don’t expect if you can’t make good on your deliverables.
  10. Actively listen to understand. Hold back on a response until you have really understood what has been shared with you.
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