Three dating rules for sales success

September 29th, 2019

A first date is a complex thing.  It can be make or break time after which the object of your affection will either choose to see you again, or refuse to return your phone calls. In that way it is a lot like sales …


Rule 1: Go where the people are

Where are you most likely to meet someone special; at home in front of the TV, or out and about, actively looking? The same goes for sales. Sit behind your desk, waiting for the phone to ring and you’re going to be lonely forever. Get up, get out, and go look for business.


Rule 2: Show them you are worth it

How do you think your date will feel if you give the impression you’re only out with them because you are desperate or lonely? Imagine the difference if they get the impression you really want to spend time with them and to honestly see if there is the potential for a relationship. Big difference.


Rule 3: Call them afterwards

Have you ever had a great date and then not spoken to them the next day? You know what happens then, right? The other party will assume you aren’t as excited by them as they thought you were and that is bad. When you get back to the office after a great meeting, drop an email and call the next day to express how much you enjoyed meeting them.



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