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Face-to-Face Selling Part 2

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    SalesGuru - Face-to-Face Selling Part 2

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Face-to-face selling: How to present like a SalesGuru and close more business

“Are your sales presentations professional, polished, and focused on the needs of your clients?”
“Do they create value, urgency and close business?”

In today’s competitive environment, buyers have access to several options when choosing who to do business with and your sales people are the NUMBER ONE reason why prospective clients will buy from your company or not buy from your company. It’s not your product, service or manipulative closing techniques; rather it’s down to the sales person’s ability to present value and to bring to light how the customer will be better off when dealing with your company rather than your competition. Too often we still see generic sales proposals and boring presentations which lead to price discounting and poor sales results.

Through our in-house expertise and interviews with many top performers, SalesGuru has developed this module to give your sales people the best opportunity to succeed (present like a SalesGuru) and close more business.

What you will learn:

Who should attend this course?

Sales people, Account Managers, New Business Development Consultants, Sales Managers, Business Owners and anyone looking to increase sales through face-to-face selling.