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Customer Loyalty

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    SalesGuru - Customer Loyalty

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In our experience most companies benchmark customer satisfaction, however not many are able to attain significant customer satisfaction and in today’s business environment, a satisfied customer means nothing more than meeting the customers’ minimum expectations.

We have found that successful companies no longer focus purely on customer satisfaction, but rather concentrate on ensuring customer loyalty. Customer loyalty brings repeat business through upselling and cross selling opportunities and negates purely price driven discussion regardless of the economy and other outside influences. With this is mind, SalesGuru has developed this module with the focus on how to retain and implement on-going customer loyalty strategies.

How we train:

Using real-word examples for every team, this course will show you how to plan, create and implement a customer retention strategy in order to win repeat business and outperform your competitors.

What the course will cover:

Who should attend this course?

The fundamentals covered in this course are applicable and highly recommended for anyone who is customer facing in any department including management.