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Sales Training – 1 Day Public Workshops


Workshop 1Prospecting

Date: 8 Aug. 2019; 7th Nov. 2019
Cost: R2999

  • Mastering the art of the chase
  • Overcome and conquer the fear of the
  • The structure of an effective call
  • Objections, why you get them and
    how to handle them
  • Prospecting tools and what research
    looks like these days

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Workshop 2Face-to-face selling

Date: 12 Sept., 2019
Cost: R2999

  • How to conduct a face-to-face client
    meeting that distinguishes you
  • You can’t close a deal that you haven’t
    opened – the power of your intro
  • The importance of making it all about
  • Price vs. value (reduce discounting)
  • Taking control of the next step

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