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Sales Management – 1 Day Workshop


Workshop 2Pipeline Management

Date: 21 June, 2019
Cost: R3999

  • What does effective pipeline
    management look like
  • The sales managers role in pipeline
  • Managerial tools to analyse data
    integrity and strengthen your pipeline
  • Coaching the difference between the
    sales person’s perception, assumption
    and the reality of their pipeline
  • What to measure, when to correct and
    how to action

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Workshop 1Recruitment & Induction

Date: To be confirmed 
Cost: R3999

  • How to identify the right person for
    the right sales role
  • The profile of a rainmaker and how to
    attract them
  • Interviewing questions that sales
    people can’t “google”
  • You have hired right, now what? (The
    critical first three months)
  • The recruitment strategy that ensures
    a return on your investment

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