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Larry Soffer & Martin Lucas

12th February, 2020
R1199 per person
Johannesburg - Barnyard Theatre, Rivonia
13th February, 2020
R1199 per person
Durban - The Gateway Hotel, Umhlanga
14th February, 2020
R1199 per person
Cape Town - Barnyard Theatre, Tygervalley Centre



“Open your mind to create SALES magic”


South African born mentalist Larry Soffer started learning magic at the age of four and by high school he was performing professionally. After the College of Magic, he studied the art of mentalism, which includes acts of metal bending, mind reading, thought prediction and telekinesis.

Larry is now one of the most influential names in mentalism and magic in Africa and travels across the world performing and inspiring audiences to believe in the impossible.

He has the unique ability to captivate audiences through anchoring his key points with acts of mentalism and magic. This combination of demonstrations and his amazing talks result in an experience unlike anything seen before.

“This is a talk unlike anything you have ever experienced!”
Mark Keating CEO SalesGuru


Larry Soffer blends amazing content and captivating mentalism effects that will open your mind, so that you can learn:

  • How your mind is your most powerful tool for success
  • How to push through limiting self-beliefs
  • How innovation and imagination can make you see things in a new light
  • How preparation and practice can set you up for success
  • The number one reason we fail in life and how to overcome this

How to reach your goals and create the life you desire





“How to unlock the buyer’s mindset”

Sales people too often to lead with who they are, what they have and why the buyer should buy. This is called the selling mindset. But here is a sales truth: buyers don’t care about any of that.

For decades, top performers have been putting themselves in the shoes of the buyer and focusing on their needs, motivations and personal purpose.

Learning how to focus on the buyer’s mindset and their needs is one of the key attributes that all Sales Gurus have.

This talk covers self-belief, sales psychology, negotiation and how to optimise yourself so that you give people more of what they want and less of what they don’t.

“Martin combines great content and humour in a talk that everyone in sales needs to hear.” – Mark Keating


What you will learn…

  • What is a buyer’s mindset and why is it the core of every sale?
  • How the psychology of sales impacts buying decisions
  • How to understand your buyer, decision maker and business mindsets
  • How to engage and sell to the different mindsets
  • How to unlock your buyer’s needs
  • How to really understand the problem you are solving for buyers

And much more…