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Riaan Manser & Campbell Graham

1st October, 2019
R1199 per person
Durban - The Gateway Hotel, Umhlanga
2nd October, 2019
R1199 per person
Johannesburg - Barnyard Theatre, Rivonia
4th October, 2019
R1199 per person
Cape Town - Barnyard Theatre, Willow Bridge Centre
Riaan Manser

“There is an ocean between saying and doing”


In this day & age one would think that all credible world first explorations have been done… but they haven’t.  Over the past twelve years, Riaan Manser has re-written the definition of tenacity & become the epitome of courage & determination.

With 5 world first and 2 Guinness World records Riaan is undoubtedly in a league of his own. He brings a whole new level of expertise to the world of exploration with his ground-breaking circumnavigation of the African continent by bicycle. Thereafter circumnavigation by kayak of both Madagascar and Iceland. He has rowed across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, covering more than 21 000 km across open Ocean.

Manser allows the audience to decide for themselves with which attitude they are going to take on life’s challenges. Through his message of courage, perseverance & attitude, he guides the audience to the realization that being average is just not good enough.

His tales are of adventures without the luxury of a panic button. No excuses to give up. Tales of real life threatening situations which; according to him; makes an adventure a real adventure.

Join us for his breath-taking, awe-inspiring keynote : There is an ocean between saying and doing!

Campbell Graham

“Sales Negotiation : Let’s make a deal”


The GAP Partnership is the world’s leading negotiation consultancy, specialising exclusively in commercial negotiation, influencing the profitability and market value of over 600 global companies in the world’s largest economies.

As Managing Consultant for the GAP Partnership South Africa, Campbell Graham will use his wealth of knowledge and experience to bring you a Master Class in Sales Negotiation.

During his powerful keynote you will learn to make better deals, increase value while maintaining relationships and build satisfaction with less investment.

You will learn
• Negotiators do not sell
• Negotiators leave the other party satisfied
• Negotiators are not their feelings
• Negotiators assess and exercise power
• Negotiators are in charge
• Negotiators adapt behaviour to circumstances
• Negotiators are able to build trust
• Negotiators seek out low-cost/high-value trades