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Quinton Coetzee & Mark Keating

5th June, 2019
R1199 per person
Johannesburg - Barnyard Theatre, Rivonia
6th June, 2019
R1199 per person
Durban - The Gateway Hotel, Umhlanga
7th June, 2019
R1199 per person
Cape Town - Barnyard Theatre, Willow Bridge Centre

“If you’re not hunting, you’re being hunted.”

Over 3000 presentations – 40 countries – 5 continents – 24 years “Hall of Fame” PSASA

Quinton demonstrates how Mother Nature herself is the author of the most definitive guide to personal, sales and business success that one can find anywhere in the world today, using spectacular visuals of wildlife and the tribes of Africa.

Quinton’s presentation style is highly energetic, yet unassuming. No text-book quotations, no bullet-points, no ‘rah-rah’, no talk about himself … just down-to-earth, raw, real and relevant truths that relate directly to improved performance.

You will learn…

  • What you think is what you become! Confidence in your own abilities…
  • Opportunity – recognise, seize and exploit every opportunity.
  • Succeed with the resources you have available.
  • Know your environment and environments change!
  • Creativity, resourcefulness and innovation…
  • Problem solving – identify and deal with problems…NOW!
  • Customers keep us alive! Value, respect, care for, and protect them.
  • KNOW your customer and GROW your customer base.
  • Change management. Embrace Change!
  • ADAPT OR DIE! Diversification in times of change.
  • Training, skill development, mentorship – become a champion at what you do.
  • Personal Development is a continuous process…

“Rejection proof selling”

As long as salespeople have been selling, salespeople have been REJECTED.

This rings true regardless of what you sell, how you sell it or what industry you sell to. Your relationship with the word “NO” has a huge impact on your success.

Having engaged with tens of thousands of sales people over the past 25 years, the fear of rejection continues to be the Number 1 fear in sales. This fear holds sales people back from achieving true levels of success and enjoyment in the amazing sales profession. Too often sales people are sabotaging their own success because of their fear of the simple word “NO”.

During this powerful keynote, learn how objections are not rejections and the best way to engage when these are raised.

Mark will share how to turn these fears of rejection and objections into real world sales weapons.

When sales people become rejection proof, they start to thrive!

You will learn

  • Why rejection is the number 1 fear for most sales people and how this impacts sales results
  • The real reasons why sales people are rejected
  • How to change the way you think, feel and respond to the word “NO “ and become rejection proof
  • How to manage your emotions and build your sales confidence
  • How to get far more yes’s than No’s
  • A proven process to engage around objections and get to the real
  • How to outperform the vast majority of sales people