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The Parrot Effect

Parrots are very pretty as you probably have noticed. And they certainly spend a lot of time fluffing their feathers […]

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Are great sales people created or born?

Many people ask this question of sales people- are they created or born? We all know of colleagues or have […]

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What is your purpose in sales?

Here’s a definition of sales we really like:   ” Helping others to be better off in terms of their […]

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Why people suck at sales…

I want to share the sad truth about why people suck at sales. I’m busy assisting several clients to increase […]

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6 ways to ensure you meet your monthly target

Monthly targets are critical to you, your sales team and your company. Your status is set based on your ability […]

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Do you love or hate your sales target?

What is your relationship like with your sales target?   Are you in love with your sales target? Are you in […]

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