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Say what you mean … and mean what you say…

“If you have to look the meaning of a word up … don’t use it.” – Stephen King   Pick […]

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Pre-plan those calls

How much do you know about the calls you make before you make them? Do you have a well rehearsed […]

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Three dating rules for sales success

A first date is a complex thing.  It can be make or break time after which the object of your […]

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The lies customers tell and how to recognise them!

A white lie here, a fib there… Just how honest is your prospect being with you? We uncovered the top […]

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Ask Better Questions: A Real Life Story of Sales Success

I was out to dinner a few months back with a couple of guests, when the waitress came over to […]

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The Power of Habits in Achieving Your Dreams!

Being successful at anything is a matter of persistence. If you want to get a degree, you have to be […]

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