My Sales Oath

October 30th, 2018

I am a sales professional, committed to the cause, the good reputation and the good spirit of sales. As such I vow to always uphold the following:


I commit to a career in sales with a view on the long-term, that this will be a life of reward and achievement in return for hard work and careful attention.


I commit to a positive and energetic attitude every day, knowing that everyone benefits, including myself and that this is a minimum requirement for any professional salesperson.


I commit to taking the daily actions needed to ensure my pipeline is always full and acknowledge that failing to do so now will result in a sales slump in the months to come that it is my responsibility to avoid.


I commit to making a positive difference for my customer rather than making a quick sale. If I cannot find a way to leave my customer better off after buying from me than they would be if they did not, I will not pursue the sale.


In that, I commit to understanding my customer’s needs before I focus on my own requirements to make a sale. My intention after all, is to help before I am helped.


I commit to building relationships that are strong and are based on trust, honesty and a genuine liking of one another. My actions must make my customers today, my customers of tomorrow because they see value, innovation and peace of mind in dealing with me. Those relationships transcend mere money.


I commit to always looking for better ways to help. I am not interested in doing only the normal things in order to exchange a product for a sum of money, but to looking for a deeper understanding of where I can add even greater value.


I commit daily to learning more about my profession, my industry, my customers and the depth and breadth of the solutions I offer. I am determined to be better every day through constant learning, never resting in the knowledge that I am already as good as I can be, but striving forever to be better.


I commit to protecting the reputation of sales through every statement I make and every action I take. My conversations with customers, management and my peers are based on openness and honesty in the confidence that what I do is helpful and worthwhile and should therefore be held positively at all times.


And I commit to being 100% responsible for my results and fully accountable for all my actions during the pursuit of my sales activities. I don’t believe in wasting time making excuses for lack of achievement when that time could be better spent making things happen.

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