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What is a 360° Sales and Managerial Assessment?

The main objective of the analysis is to assess the training and developmental needs of a sales and sales management team.

The 360° training analysis allows for data collection from a number of sources, most often the data is collected from colleagues, managers,  subordinates and a self-analysis to determine these specific training needs.

The feedback is typically collected and compiled into a report for the sales and management team, breaking the feedback down into a series of ratings and scores on a numerical scale indicating areas of strengths and opportunities for development. Having this overall perspective provides an in depth and accurate report that can be used as a basis to rolling out a sales training program.

What are the benefits of conducting a 360° Sales and Managerial Assessment?

  • The review will provide an accurate all-around perspective from the various sources
  • The ability to identify individual strengths and development needs
  • The ability to identify team strengths and development needs
  • Understand the exact training requirements for an individual or team
  • Provides a strong foundation for developing a training program that addresses these training needs
  • Bench mark performance levels before, during and after the training to determine the success of the training program
  • Analysis of the critical skills required by the individual, team or manager to succeed in sales
  • Provides guidelines for management coaching and assistance
  • Manage performance rather than react to performance
  • Allows for feedback from a SALESGURU business consultant to assist the business with interpreting the report and ultimately to assist with identifying the areas to be developed, so an effective plan for improvement can be established.

How is the 360° Sales and Managerial Assessment conducted?

The analysis is conducted online in a user friendly format whereby an individual is assessed and feedback is received from multiple assessors, these assessors have regular interaction with the individual and can include the individual’s manager, colleagues,  subordinates and in some cases customers too. The individual will conduct a self-analysis to complete the circle.

The overall objective is to provide the organisation with feedback on their performance behaviours and outcomes as well as their potential while identifying and establishing the training development needs.

As a result of this feedback the business is able to set goals for individual and team development which will support the advancement of each individual’s sales careers which will ultimately benefit the organisation as a whole. In addition, the feedback given to each individual will allow them to take the necessary ownership and accountability for their personal development.